Screenshot of Delling saying 'No. That thing is a Gundam.'

So, the second episode.

There’s quite a bit to chew on.

First of all, we get some worldbuilding. We are shown that corporations are SRZ BZNS in the setting to the point of determining your place in Asticassia's social hierarchy. As typical of a Gundam series, there are tensions between Eartians and Spacians.

Some new characters also appear. Of note is Lady Prospera, resident Char clone (and maybe secretly Elnora Samaya, Suletta's mom). I also liked the unnamed fat woman who was going to get Miorine to Earth.

Elan Ceres gets some screen time. He appears to be interested in Suletta, possibly romantically.

Guel gets slapped by his dad, and that makes me unreasonably happy.

Finally, we see more of Delling. He was as much of a douche as I expected. Seeing him being called out by Miorine was satisfying.

All in all, it has been quite a woozy.

I'll be patiently waiting for the next episode.

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